NASA scientist finally sees The Matrix… tries to prove we’re in a video game?

A genuine NASA scientist, Rich Terrile, thinks we’re living in a video game.

One NASA Scientist’s Quest To Prove We’re All Trapped Inside A Video Game

He actually says that the real world behaves the same way as Grand Theft Auto, at least on a quantum mechanical level, where what you need to experience only loads-in when you need it.  He’s got an interesting point, but I think the hypothesis is going to be really tough to prove.  Furthermore:

‘Terrile supports his theory by pointing out “the observable pixelation of the tiniest matter and the eerie similarities between quantum mechanics, the mathematical rules that govern our universe, and the creation of video game environments.’

It’s a really cool idea, but just a word of caution…  claiming the real world is just like GTA is probably not the best comparison.

A Diversion: Mystical Piano Journey to Mars

Warning: This post has nothing to do with video games, but maybe a little teeny bit to do with science…

I like to play the keyboard in my spare time, and when you’re living on Mars time you do get some days off.  So yesterday I decided to write some music and came up with a piano piece that tries to mimic the stages of Curiosity’s journey to Mars, from launch to escape from Earth’s orbit, to transit, and finally entry, descent and landing on Mars.  Perhaps it’s too abstract and a little hastily thrown together… doesn’t matter, it was a fun and relaxing way to spend part of my day off.

It was all done in one take, with some post-processing and effects thrown in at the end… mostly to add some electronic elements for when Curiosity finally arrives at the red planet and phones home.

[m4a] Curiosity.m4a , [mp3] Curiosity.mp3

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